Lake County Duplicate Bridge Clubs, Inc.

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The regular meeting duly called and held on April 11, 2018, at 510 West Key Avenue,

Eustis, FL at 11:00 AM.


Present were:

Board Members Steve Treiber, Ginger Rudolph, John Carusone, Jack Rozsa, Toni Taylor

and Margaret Timpe


 Also Present:

 Lindley d’Ouville, Binny Foland,  Janice Collins , Joyce Engstrom, David Bischoping, and Bob Gentz


Secretary’s Report  A motion was made by  Jack and seconded by Ginger  to accept the February 2018 minutes as recorded.  Motion passed.


Treasurer’s Report A motion by Margaret, seconded by Toni to accept the treasurer’s report. 

Motion carried.  Lindley informed us that she has purchased an 11 month CD for $3000.


Vice-President’s Report  There was an increase of 2 tables in March 2018 (246) over February 2018 (244).  The month-end total resulted in a decrease of 43 ½  tables for March 2018 as compared to March  2017 (289.5).  The year-to-date comparison thru March 31 has a decrease of 68 tables as compared to 2017.


Ethics Committee Larry Randolph has agreed to serve on this committee.  There was an incident reported on March 26 which is under advisement.


Education  John Carusone has decided to approach the Lakes of Mount Dora Community, as he and Jane did at the Country Club of Mount Dora to recruit new bridge players to our club. 


John also showed us a card that could  be added to our bidding boxes with courtesy reminders.  At this point David told he he’d like to look into buying a laminating machine.


Ginger made a motion, seconded by Toni to change the Friday morning game to a combined 750 or less (even if they are life masters) which will open up a morning game for some of our life masters.  After much discussion, the motion carried. 


Sunshine No Report

Social Committee Janice reminded us about the Bill Yockel memorial on April 29.


Purchasing Don Jairett has agreed to do our shopping.  A thank you will be sent to Jerry Fields.



We have a new counter top and the stove has been removed.  David did a great job.


A suggestion in the suggestion box led to a long discussion about changes to our bidding machines.

Steve moved and Toni  seconded to make an immediate change allowing the percentage rank to appear at the end of each game, and to try to get some feedback from the club at large whether to add the feature which requires putting in the opening lead.  David agreed to make an announcement (and maybe an email) about this so we can get a better feel as to whether we should proceed with this.  It may be decided at the annual meeting or a special vote.


John brought up the issue of new lighting which we had done several years ago and dropped.

He will check into it.  It was also suggested that if we decide to change to LED’s we might do a fund raiser to pay for them.


Next Board Meeting will be May 9, 2018.


Meeting adjourned at 11:55 AM.


Minutes submitted by Margaret Timpe, Secretary