Lake County Duplicate Bridge Clubs, Inc.

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The regular meeting duly called and held on February 14, 2018, at 510 West Key Avenue,

Eustis, FL at 11:00 AM.


Present were:

Board Members Steve Treiber, Ginger Rudolph, John Carusone, Jack Rozsa, Toni Taylor

and Margaret Timpe


 Also Present:

Joan Mager, Lindley d’Ouville, Binny Foland, Don Kramer, Janice Collins and Susan Fraser


Secretary’s Report  A motion was made and seconded to accept the January 2018 minutes

as recorded.  Motion passed.

 The secretary received permission from the Board to destroy hard copies of old minutes.

as she was assured by Bryce Norwood that all minutes from2004 forward will always be available on the web site.


Treasurer’s Report Ginger called our attention to the fact that the miscellaneous income of $428 included $250 from the Leesburg Club. As there is a balance of$11,000 in the checking account, Margaret made a motion to transfer $3,000 to a CD.  Ginger seconded the motion and it carried.

Lindley reported that because of Jack Hargrove’s search for a better price for our building insurance, she was able to save $900.  It was also pointed out that David is not charging any labor for all the work he is doing  in the women’s restroom. Toni moved that we accept the Treasurer’s Report with a second by John.  Motion carried.  Lindley also got permission from the Board to destroy old bank statements.

Ginger also said that the $500 anonymous donation was not designated for anything in particular.


Vice-President’s Report  There was an increase of 64 tables in January 2018 (247.5) over  December 2017 (183.5).  The month-end total resulted in a decrease of 27 tables for January 2018 as compared to January 2017 (274.5).


Education Joan says she has at least 8 people and she feels they will definitely move into our games.

John and Jane have had approximately 28 people attending their Tuesday afternoon sessions for free.

They are taking February off and will restart in March for 4 more lessons, but this time will charge a fee.

John also said that several of those attending Tuesday are also playing on Monday morning. 


Margaret reported that she sent 122 post cards to members who had not attended for the past year, and several showed up for the individual game.


Ethics Unfortunately, Don reported that he has had two incidents reported to him about being criticized by their opponents.  We decided that the directors should mention the zero-tolerance policy about once a month.


Sunshine Binny suggested that Jerry Robie and Bob Gentz be given credit for a great job directing the individual game on February 11.  She also wants to thank the membership for recycling the plastic bottles.  We thank her for hauling them to a recycle bin.  She also suggested that the directors give a little “instruction” before each game.



Because it was such a great success, we decided to approve David’s request to hold another Individual game on Sunday, March 25.


Concerning the Celebration of Life for Bill Yockel, we will talk to David to see if anything has been planned.


Club Manager’s Report


  1. The financial program is up and running in the main computer and can be linked to another computer.
  2. I am recommending that we buy and install a new countertop for the sink area.  I will install it.
  3. The water problems are all fixed and I am hoping to finish the repairs on the wall in the ladies room over the next two weeks.
  4. Individual game a success…thanks to all who participated.
  5. I think it is time to get a small committee together to tighten and oil all of the screws on the chairs.


President, Steve, does not feel the need to have a meeting in March so we will meet on April 11, 2018, at 11:00 AM.


The meeting was adjourned by Steve at 11:50 AM.


Minutes submitted by Margaret Timpe, Secretary